Our Planning Process

Understanding the planning process before meeting with our designers and architects will help to move along your project quickly and smoothly.

Prior to our first meeting, we want you to discuss your plans with your family and come up with a wishlist of needs and wants for your outdoor project. Think about a budget so we don’t over- or under-plan your project. Feel free to ask us ideas and ranges in cost to help narrow your project to the best fit!

Contact us:
Give us a call or contact us to make the first appointment to discuss your project.

Plat of Survey:
How important is a plat of survey?

Your plat of survey is a document that is very helpful for our architects. We can accurately use the measurements from the plat to find exact property lines, building limit lines, and easement areas. Then we can propose a scaled, real life 2D or 3D plan with our site visit to give you a best-fit landscape or hardscape design.

If you’re not familiar with your plat of Survey, let us know and we can help. It usually can be found in your original home closing package, or a copy can be obtained by the local village or county.

Our estimator and/or architects will walk through your project and listen to your project goals.

At your home, we will take notes, measurements, and pictures of many areas to get a greater understanding of your project.

We will ask some of the following questions:
What are your time lines to complete the project?
What project items are “must have?”
What design ideas do you not care for?

We will provide you with a general idea of the timeline it will take to complete your project.

Second meetings usually are scheduled 1 week to 10 days after the First Meeting, but may vary during our busy season.

We will present you the first plan and proposal of your project.

We will go over all the details the plan and proposal of your project.

We will take note of any changes or revisions of your plan or proposal.

Revisions can take from 3 to 5 days and a follow-up meeting is scheduled to discuss further changes, scheduling and moving forward.

Discussion of financing options and deposit requirements will be discussed. We offer 18 months same as cash, no interest and no payments for 18 months with no money down. Finance terms can be 3-year, 5- year and 10-year terms.

We’ll help you with choosing all the products, from hardscape pavers to walls, planting, wood work, stain colors, etc.

We will provide catalog samples and/or ask you to visit one of our design centers to see the products in person.

We will help with the documentation needed if you require HOA (Home Owner’s Association) approval.

We’ll take care of all the permitting process, permits, inspections, and utility locates to completion.

Emails or phone communication will provide you with updates on the status of permits and start date of your project.

We will come out the day before or day of, depending on your schedule, and introduce you to the crew.

We always mark the project area, depending on demolition of old patios, decks, etc., either before or after to indicate the location of the work area agreed to. Marking out the areas, with either marking paint or flags, provides everyone a better idea of the size and scope of the project.

Our foreman and superintendent will be on site daily to communicate with you. Most projects seem to require alterations, so if changes need to be made, supervisors are available on site.

Project walk-throughs happen as needed.

Final walk-through.

Final building inspection if necessary.

Discussion regarding the Warranty.

Final photos for your collection.

Final payment due, unless financing arrangements have been made.

We schedule a one year walk-through with you to ensure the project is in good health and to make note of any corrections needed.

We will schedule a convenient time to come back and make any correction noted.

All warranties generally are from 3 to 10 years from completion of your project. Details will be provided.

We encourage you to contact us at any time with your concerns.




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