Incorporate a Fire Feature for Backyard Warmth and Charm

Incorporate a Fire Feature for Backyard Warmth and Charm

People have always been drawn to fire! From a small or simple accent to the focus of your backyard, the addition of a fire feature can create intrigue, comfy warmth, and conversation. Spending time near a fire feature can also be the perfect way to enjoy more nights and days outdoors in our cooler Illinois climate.

Here are a few ways to incorporate the fascination of fire into the design of your outdoor living space:

Fire Columns

A fire column is usually a natural stone accent with a relatively small gas flame. They’re often placed at transitions like entrances or exits to a patio or around a perimeter to delineate space. Fire columns may be freestanding structures, built into walls or at the edges of pools, or flanking a bench. They could throw enough light to illuminate more yard, but aren’t meant as sources of warmth or a place to congregate. The attraction is a sense of movement and drama.

Fire Pits, Bowls, and Rings

By far, the most popular backyard fire feature is the fire pit or bowl. When designing these, it’s important to consider not only how many square feet you have available, but how many people you expect to be enjoying your fire. Fire pits can be of various sizes, but usually allow from a few to several people to gather around them. Do you want a small, intimate space for quiet, cozy evening reflection? A fire bowl lit by natural gas might do. Or do you want to see tall flames surrounded by a small but lively crowd? A wood-burning fire pit can accommodate that.

When locating the fire pit at the center of a patio, movable seating like deck chairs can be placed. Another option is to surround the fire feature with built-in benches or a sitting wall to accommodate more guests and eliminate the need to move furniture.


To really bring the feel of a living room out under the sky, a fireplace is the feature of choice. Fireplaces are available in any design, from rustic and rugged to sleek and modern. Compliment or extend your home’s interior, or create an entirely different aesthetic for an outdoor escape. There’s no replicating the scent, sound, and heat of a crackling real wood fire, but for convenience and no clean-up, a remote-controlled natural gas or propane flame can’t be beat.

Pizza Ovens or Grills

Whether part of an integrated outdoor kitchen or existing as its own element, a fire feature can also enhance your outdoor dining experience. If you choose a wood-burning feature, don’t forget to build in firewood access and storage.

The size and location of any fire feature needs to be carefully considered for safety and compliance with local building ordinances. Let the professionals at Seasonal collaborate on your design! Contact us for a consultation, or request a quote for your project. Before we get to work, you’ll have 3D renderings of your home and dream outdoor space, complete with the fire features you’ve always wanted.

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